Wednesday 22 May 2019
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Race Description


Golovane 50km & 25km MTB:

This year, we take you on a new adventure, seeing some of what you are used to, some of it backwards and some new single track and even areas not yet seen by our Holla Trails locals! One thing is for sure though, you will experience some of the best single track the North Coast has to offer, be treated to magnificent views and traverse through areas that force you to slow down and soak up the scenery all in true Holla Trails tradition.


You can expect 2 "Colour run/Chicken run" areas in the 50km &25km rides, which allow the "Colour run" participants to gain a small time advantage over those that opt out, and do the "Chicken run"! Colour is KING!



Living Earth 14km & 7km Trail Runs:

This year we are excited to introduce the Living Earth trail run to our event, and are pleased to have runners and riders together making the most of our trails. Some of the highlights will be the beautiful Living Earth dam race village, Cappeny Strawberry Farm, exquisite single track, views and of course our "Colour Run" and "Chicken Run" zones!

What are these Colour Run and Chicken Run zones you might ask? Well, we will have 2 strategic points whereby you will be given the option of making the choice between the 2 zones, but keep in mind that those that choose colour will benefit with a time advantage, since the Chicken Run will be slightly longer (and duller) than the Colour Run. So....I say again...COLOUR IS KING!




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